Four Signs You Are Unhappy in Your Career

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Now What (TM) Career Coaching

A former student and current part-time professor at Wayne State University, Sandra Schiff is a life transition and leadership coach serves as the president of Health Mate, Inc. Helping people make the changes they need in life through her coaching and consulting services, Sandra Schiff is also an Authorized Facilitator of the Now What?(R) coaching program.

The program provides Authorized Facilitators with the tools they need to help others make career transitions. Those who are considering a change in career will often have noticed at least one of the following signs that they are unhappy in their work.

1. You wake up in the morning dreading the prospect of going into work, either due to not enjoying the job or the people with whom you work, or having lost passion for what you do.

2. Your Sunday nights are filled with anxiety, leading to a lack of sleep, because the prospect of the work week starting upsets you.

3. You find yourself constantly checking the clock while working.

4. You feel constantly stressed, even when experiencing no specific personal issues that could cause stress.