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PeopleMap Executive Coaching – training program


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As president of Health Mate, Incorporated in southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff provides consulting and training services regarding the prevention of elder and youth suicides and workplace violence, along with Alzheimer’s research. With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of social work and psychology , Sandra Schiff, PhD, also holds several professional certifications, including as a PeopleMap Executive Coach.

The PeopleMap Executive Coaching system helps students develop “people skills” in all areas of life. The system focuses on empowering students to understand themselves and others, developing their full potential. The Executive Coaching system fosters skills in creativity, planning, and personal vision.

The PeopleMap training program also includes programs in leadership development, teambuilding, and achieving peak performance, working with students to build self-esteem and motivation, developing personality styles, and overcoming procrastination. PeopleMap is designed to be a forum where students who have a desire to become leaders in their respective fields can develop and fine-tune their skills.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Now What?(R) Program

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Now What (TM) Career Coaching

The president of Health Mate, Inc., Sandra Schiff offers consultancy and coaching services to business and individuals. Further, she is a part-time professor at Wayne State University’s School of Social Work. Dedicated to continuous learning, Sandra Schiff is an authorized facilitator of the Now What?(R) coaching program, which is a 90-day program that helps participants gain clarity on their life and career goals.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the program.

Q. How does Now What?(R) differ from other programs?
A. Proven to work in 92 percent of cases, Now What?(R) differs from other coaching programs by placing an emphasis on self-reflection and regular assignments, with participants made responsible for their levels of engagement into the program.

Q. Why does it take 90 days?
A. The program lasts for 90 days to enable participants to invest time into their development and come to conclusions themselves, rather than provisioning them with direct answers that don’t facilitate transition or change.

Q. How does someone qualify to be a facilitator?
A. Facilitators are all required to attend and pass a two-day training event hosted by Now What?(R) creator Laura Berman Fortgang. Further, each facilitator must have prior experience in coaching, which the training builds upon by introducing the Now What?(R) principles.

Working with an Authorized NOW WHAT?(R) Program Facilitator

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Now What (TM) Career Coaching

A part-time professor with the School of Social Work at Wayne State University, Dr. Sandra Schiff also operates as a consultant, coach, and business leader and the president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan. Focused on continuing education in her field, Dr. Sandra Schiff recently became an Authorized NOW WHAT?® Program Facilitator.

Based on Laura Berman Fortgang’s book, NOW WHAT?: 90 Days to a New Life Direction, the program can be engaged with independently, but many find it helpful to work with an Authorized NOW WHAT?® Program Facilitator to develop a fuller understanding of the concepts it covers.

Although Facilitators operate independently of the NOW WHAT? organization, they will have completed the full Life Blueprint® training program, including its exam, so they understand exactly how to help people get what they need from the program. In addition to completing the training program, each Facilitator maintains membership with the International Coach Federation, demonstrating a continued desire to improve coaching methods to benefit clients.

Reasons to Consider Leadership Coaching

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Personal Coaching, Sandra Schiff

Dr. Sandra Schiff serves as the president of Southeast Michigan-based Health Mate, Inc., which offers clients training and consultancy related to, among other things, careers, transitions, and leadership. Furthermore, Dr. Sandra Schiff takes responsibility for course development and the creation of content relevant to the organization’s needs.

There are many reasons why you may consider hiring a leadership coach, including the following.

1. You wish to develop a greater understanding of the skills you bring to the role and knowledge gaps you need to fill.

2. You want to understand how people within the organization perceive you.

3. An outside perspective is required for operational or strategic planning.

4. You are going through a transition period, perhaps into a role that requires you to assume more responsibility, and wish to develop your leadership skills quickly.

5. You want to fulfill a need for emotional support and encouragement that you may not be able to access within the organization.

6. You require assistance with handling succession planning, which can include everything from choosing a suitable successor, training future managers, and dealing with the emotional burden that comes with transitioning away from your current role.

NOW WHAT?(R) – Life Blueprint(R) Philosophy-Based Career Coaching


Explaining the Now What?(R) System

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Now What (TM) Career Coaching

The president of Health Mate, Inc., a consulting and coaching firm based in Michigan, Sandra Schiff holds a PhD in organizational psychology from Cincinnati’s Union Institute and College. A Care Transition and certified Wellness Coach, Sandra Schiff is also am Authorized Facilitator of the Now What?(R) system.

Developed from the Laura Berman Fortgang book of the same name, the program takes an unconventional approach to helping people make career transitions. Instead of focusing on academic and professional achievements to help people make decisions, it takes a more personalized approach that focuses on the life story of the program user and any clues this story may present in regards to what that person should do in the future.

The program offers access to coaches who can help people effectively implement the concepts covered by the book, as well as tools that are not made available to others. Over the course of 90 days, participants are able to gain deeper insight into what they really want and create the plans needed to get them there, all while having access to dedicated support from Authorized Facilitators and expert coaches.