The Three Components of the I Rise Family Empowerment Program

YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit

A versatile consultant and life coach, Sandra Schiff serves as the president of Health Mate, Inc. Sandra Schiff has presented on the issue of prioritization and how to place the important things in life first at a family forum that was part of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit’s I Rise Family Empowerment program.

Funded by United Way of Southeastern Michigan, the I Rise Family Empowerment program operates on three core components to provide coaching and support to parents:

1. Personal Coaching. The program maintains career and life coaches who work with individuals to help them identify goals. Each participant is assigned a coach, who holds an initial one-hour consultation with the participant, following that up with bi-weekly contact via phone.

2. Forums. Motivational forums are held regularly at the YMCA locations in Farmington, Boll, and Lakeshore. These forums feature keynote speakers who address the common challenges faced by families. Participants in the program are invited to bring along their children and partners to enjoy a family meal and listen to the speaker.

3. Subsidies. Participants in the I Rise program have access to subsidies that support them in finding affordable child care. The size of the subsidy is dependent on the family’s finances.