PeopleMap Executive Coaching – training program


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As president of Health Mate, Incorporated in southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff provides consulting and training services regarding the prevention of elder and youth suicides and workplace violence, along with Alzheimer’s research. With more than 20 years of experience in the fields of social work and psychology , Sandra Schiff, PhD, also holds several professional certifications, including as a PeopleMap Executive Coach.

The PeopleMap Executive Coaching system helps students develop “people skills” in all areas of life. The system focuses on empowering students to understand themselves and others, developing their full potential. The Executive Coaching system fosters skills in creativity, planning, and personal vision.

The PeopleMap training program also includes programs in leadership development, teambuilding, and achieving peak performance, working with students to build self-esteem and motivation, developing personality styles, and overcoming procrastination. PeopleMap is designed to be a forum where students who have a desire to become leaders in their respective fields can develop and fine-tune their skills.