Frequently Asked Questions about the Now What?(R) Program

Now What (TM) Career Coaching pic
Now What (TM) Career Coaching

The president of Health Mate, Inc., Sandra Schiff offers consultancy and coaching services to business and individuals. Further, she is a part-time professor at Wayne State University’s School of Social Work. Dedicated to continuous learning, Sandra Schiff is an authorized facilitator of the Now What?(R) coaching program, which is a 90-day program that helps participants gain clarity on their life and career goals.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the program.

Q. How does Now What?(R) differ from other programs?
A. Proven to work in 92 percent of cases, Now What?(R) differs from other coaching programs by placing an emphasis on self-reflection and regular assignments, with participants made responsible for their levels of engagement into the program.

Q. Why does it take 90 days?
A. The program lasts for 90 days to enable participants to invest time into their development and come to conclusions themselves, rather than provisioning them with direct answers that don’t facilitate transition or change.

Q. How does someone qualify to be a facilitator?
A. Facilitators are all required to attend and pass a two-day training event hosted by Now What?(R) creator Laura Berman Fortgang. Further, each facilitator must have prior experience in coaching, which the training builds upon by introducing the Now What?(R) principles.