The Four Personality Types of the Peoplemap System

PeopleMap™ pic


For nearly two decades, Sandra Schiff has presided over Health Mate, Inc., in West Bloomfield, Michigan. In this role, Sandra Schiff capitalizes on a wide range of skills, including certification as a Peoplemap™ trainer.

Peoplemap™ helps an individual identify his or her personality type, which has a bearing on how that person interacts with other people in and out of the workplace. According to Peoplemap™, there are four basic personality types.

The “people” type describes individuals who put others first and define their existence through their relationships. A “leader” is more interested in results than relationships. Leaders tend to see the big picture and understand what steps are necessary to achieve goals.

The “task” type refers to people focused on the job, individuals who work hard to make sure everything is done right. To “task” types, getting the details perfect is more important than the final outcome.

The “free spirit” values freedom and often breaks from convention. Free spirits see life as an intricate web of experiences and opportunities. Free spirits can drive innovation and bring new perspectives.


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