Now What? Facilitator Training

Now What (TM) Career Coaching pic
Now What (TM) Career Coaching

A graduate of the MSW program at Wayne State University, Sandra Schiff is an experienced leadership and life transition coach. The president of Health Mate, Inc., a consulting and coaching firm, Sandra Schiff is also a licensed Now What?® coaching program facilitator.

A 90-day coaching program, Now What?® is based on the book Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction. The program helps participants to discover their sense of purpose and revise their work and personal life to find happiness. Now What?® facilitators across the country provide guidance and coaching to help individuals reinvent careers and discover their best life direction.

Facilitator training for the Now What?® program includes three months of extensive training with Laura Berman Fortgang, the program founder. After this training, facilitator candidates must pass a test before being certified in the Now What?® program. Upon completion of training, facilitators obtain access to additional resources including marketing support, advanced training, and access to the Now What?® professional community. To learn more about this coaching program and Dr. Sandra Schiff, visit her Business Facebook page, SMS Coaching.


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