Common Questions About Now What (TM) Career Coaching

Now What (TM) Career Coaching pic
Now What (TM) Career Coaching

The president of Health Mate, Inc., Dr. Sandra Schiff possesses more than 15 years of experience in executive, transition, and parenting coaching. A resident of West Bloomfield in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Sandra Schiff recently became an authorized facilitator of the “Now What” (TM) 90-day career transition coaching program.

Based on her 2005 book “Now What: 90 Days to a New Life Direction,” Laura Berman Fortgang created the Now What (TM) coaching program, designed for individuals seeking a change in, and clarification on, their career and future.

The program establishes each client’s Life Blueprint, a unique outline of one’s “truest values and needs.” On her website, Fortgang addresses some of the common questions put forth by potential clients.

1. How does this program differ from other, similar career coaching?

Boasting a 92 percent success rate, the Now What (TM) program utilizes an inside-out method that encourages clients to practice self-reflection and carry out regular assignments. Carefully crafted questions evoke meaningful answers that offer insight into one’s best future.

2. Why does the program take 90 days?

By committing to a set period – three months – clients are right away taking the first step to creating sustainable outcomes. Quick-fix methods such as simply telling people which path to follow have been shown to provide impermanent results.

3. How do Now What (TM) facilitators become qualified to teach this program?

The program’s creator holds two-day events at which she personally trains each future Now What (TM) coach, who must already have experience as a counselor or coach. Following this initial gathering, new coaches are trained by a team of hand-selected experts who have graduated from Coach University and are certified by the International Coach Federation.


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