Tips of Effective Leadership Coaching

Sandra Schiff pic
Personal Coaching, Sandra Schiff

In recognition of her commitment to organizational effectiveness and leadership coaching, Sandra Schiff received the Leadership America Award from the National Women’s Organization for Leaders in 1996. Here are some fundamental tips Sandra Schiff and other leadership coaches implement to develop others:

Build relationships. A leader should be someone the team can trust. A good relationship is established if there is transparency from the leader and respect from the team.

Acknowledge good performance. Good leadership is measured on the success of the team. By recognizing a positive skill or action, leaders are influencing individuals to emulate the same behavior.

Provide assessment. Timely feedback helps employees attain a level of self-awareness. Assessment highlights areas where improvements crucial for quality performance can be made.

Challenge thinking. Leaders should be able to read between the lines and provide alternative solutions. Brainstorming as a means of mapping out possibilities can be used to develop this skill.


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