What Is the Peoplemap System?

PeopleMap™ pic
Image: peoplemapsystems.com

Sandra Schiff has a broad range of experience in coaching, program development, and behavior health executive management. The president of Health Mate, Inc. she received the St. John Health System’s “Living the Values” Award. Sandra Schiff is also a YMCA I Rise program coach and a certified Peoplemap™ facilitator.

The Peoplemap system is a suite of development programs for improving people skills. The system originally began in 1989 with a personality questionnaire. Since its implementation, over 150,000 people have gone through the Peoplemap programs.

The core program of Peoplemap is the basic training program, which helps individuals understand other people better. Additionally, participants learn their PeopleMap personality type at the basic training. These include the Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task personality types, each of which has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Additional People-Map programs follow the basic training and further enhance individual performance, the ability to work well in teams, and other areas that can benefit organizations. For additional information on the program, visit www.peoplemapsystems.com.


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