An Introduction to PeopleMap™

PeopleMap™ pic

As an experienced consultant and coach, Dr. Sandra Schiff works to help business leaders, individuals, and families reach their full potential. Dr. Sandra Schiff comes to her work as a certified PeopleMap™ facilitator.

Developed by Dr. Mike Lillibridge, PeopleMap™ helps people to relate more effectively with others and, in turn, achieve peak performance. The system features a series of integrated programs that evaluate individuals’ interaction styles, then helps them to understand how they can use those styles to maximize their collaborative skills. Through the PeopleMap™ System, professionals develop higher levels of interpersonal effectiveness and build better working relationships.

The PeopleMap ™ program typically begins with each participant taking an assessment test to determine his or her PeopleMap™ personality type. The categories are Leader, People, Free Spirit, and Task. Participants then learn the three innate strengths correlated with each type, as well as the associated opportunity for growth. This knowledge guides a participant’s journey through the remainder of the experience, which may focus on leadership, performance, or collaboration, depending on the program chosen.


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