Six Tips for Self-Nurturing and Improving Self-Esteem

Sandra Schiff pic
Personal Coaching, Sandra Schiff

A leadership coaching professional with extensive experience in the field, Sandra Schiff currently serves as president of Health Mate, Inc., in Southeast Michigan. In addition to offering a variety of coaching, training, and consultation services, Sandra Schiff has also delivered a number of presentations on topics such as leadership, personal development, and self-nurturing.

The following list includes strategies for self-nurturing and improving self-esteem.

1. Practice meditation. Meditation techniques, such as concentrating on single focal point and tuning out stressful or negative thoughts and distractions, help clear the mind and relax the body. In addition to reducing stress, meditation can also lower blood pressure and promote a calm mental state.

2. Eat well. Start and end your day with nutritionally balanced meals and experiment with new recipes for healthy eating. Balanced diets can foster long life, promote good health, and contribute to positive attitudes.

3. Exercise regularly. Develop a regular exercise regimen, but take care not to push yourself too hard. Focus on improving your health and mood rather than seeking perfection or physical beauty.

4. Treat yourself. Once a day, take the time to treat yourself to an activity you enjoy, such as painting, reading, watching a movie, or soaking in a hot bath. You can also experiment with new hobbies and activities.

5. Keep a journal. Keeping a journal may help you organize your thoughts and provide relief from negative thoughts and feelings by taking them out of your head and putting them on paper.

6. Stay positive. Try to view situations from an optimistic perspective and maintain a positive attitude, which can increase confidence and resiliency. Also consider using positive self-talk to highlight your strengths and achievements, and avoid thinking about yourself negatively.


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